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flying with eagle tandem fly, for muslim womens reccomended as well



My name is Gabriela and I discovered paragliding in 2003. And what initially seemed like a pastime soon became the greatest passion of my life. The peace and feeling of freedom that I find when I fly is immeasurable. So in 2018 I decided I wanted to share this amazing world of flying with you and I obtained my Tandem license.

I am very happy to be able to let Muslim women's experience this unforgettable adventure as well.

learning how to fly, offer for muslim womens the freedem to fly

My name is Lorenzo Kneschauerek and flying is my passion! I have been paragliding since 2011, and flying has immediately become my greatest passion.  After my paragliding licence I obtained the following certificates: Speedflying, commercial tandem pilot and a private pilot's licence for aeroplanes. In addition to classic flying, I enjoy practising some basic aerobatic figures for those who wish to do so. I hope to see you flying with me soon so that together we can enjoy the freedom that flying can give, literally seeing the world under our feet.

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